Pastor Peterson's Pericopes

As my retirement approaches, it has become a time of lasts:

  • My last confirmation class
  • My last church council meeting
  • My last Thursday Night Bible Study
  • My last time to read Bible stories to the beautiful kids at Cornerstone Preschool
  • My last worship service at the Peaks and the Atria
  • My last jazz worship service

Before when I was changing calls, going to another church, those lasts were different. I knew I would have more meetings, more Bible studies, more worship services in that new place. However, this time around, they are really lasts.


Of course, there is some relief in that. I won’t miss all those meetings in the evenings. I won’t miss all the deadlines.


But I will miss the challenges, the interactions, the learning, and especially the people on those councils, committees, and Bible studies. I always tried to start those meetings with prayer, to remind those good folks and myself that we were doing the Lord’s work. We were being the body of Christ. It may be a budget meeting, but we were doing the Lord’s work in this place.


What I will miss the most is the gift of people opening their lives to their pastor, to this pastor. I never took that for granted. It was always a privilege and honor to hear those confessions, those tales of woe, and those smiles of joy. I hold those memories dear. I can’t tell you how many times your courage and your faith has been a witness to me.

As I said in my sermon today, “The Holy Spirit works through people, for people.” And many, many times, I witnessed the Holy Spirit working through you.


By the way…I “stole” that quote from Pastor Keith Prekker who will be your new Interim Pastor. I have so much respect for him. He will be a blessing for Bethlehem.


So…this is my last Star article.

Pastor Peterson




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