Pastor Peterson's Pericopes

I’m in my car a lot, so I like to listen to the radio. I listen to KOA and the news in the morning. I listen to sports talk shows in the afternoon. I have a few country stations I listen to now and then. And sometimes, I tune into public radio. But it seems every time I tune into CPR, they are doing fundraising. I know they have to do that because they do little advertising. But it turns me off, and so I turn it off.


I wonder if that’s how church members feel when it comes to the annual stewardship campaign every fall. I hope not. I hope you don’t tune out.


Money means ministry. That may sound a little crass, but it’s true. Money means ministry. It means Sunday school and confirmation classes. It means worship. It means OUR Center lunches and financial support for Habitat. It means replacing old air conditioners and bathrooms. It means mission trips to Kentucky and Nicaragua.


This coming year we hope to grow our ministry here at Bethlehem.


Brenda Harris, our new Worship Coordinator, hopes to develop a music ministry for our children. She is making a first attempt this fall with a boomwhacker choir. But it’s more than a choir program. It’s ministry. It’s trying to better connect these kids to their church and to their Lord. We want them to feel a part of the worship life here.


We hope to make sure that all kids are able to attend church camp. We have an outstanding church camp in Sky Ranch, and every year we see the difference this ministry can make in the lives of our youth.


Our sanctuary is 25 years old this year. It is a beautiful sanctuary that enhances our worship life. But it is understandably showing some wear and tear—in the carpet, paint, sound system, and pews. This holy space is often the first impression visitors have of Bethlehem. We want it to be a positive first impression.


We are very blessed at Bethlehem. We have a Spirit–filled, mission–minded, and intergenerational ministry here. I personally want to thank you for your financial and volunteer support for keeping this ministry strong and vital. You are being a blessing in so many ways.


Please pray about your support for this coming year. Commitment Sunday will be November 19. Thank you for all you do.


Pastor Peterson

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