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The sky is falling! The sky is falling!


The church is dying! The church is dying!


Bethlehem recently hosted the Bluegrass and BBQ fundraising event for Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp. I was pleased with how well it went for our first time hosting the event. The Ropte Pavilion and the surrounding grounds provided a perfect location. The BBQ from Dickey's was finger lickin' good. Bethlehem and First Lutheran members provided plenty of coleslaw and cookies. Bless Dave Hooley for all the cotton candy he cranked out! The Bethlehem Bluegrass Band and Jerusalem Road contributed great music. Best of all, we raised over $5,000 for the camp.


The camp staff from Sky Ranch came down en masse to help run the evening. As a part of the evening activities, the camp staff introduced themselves and sang some camp songs. Many Bethlehem members commented to me how impressed they were by the camp staff. For one, they came from all over the country, but it was their passion, enthusiasm, and work ethic that really touched people. It was inspiring.


And then multiply that by all our church camps across the country. That's a lot of young adults filled with passion for serving the Lord. In turn, they will pass that passion on to the campers they will work with this summer. We saw that happen at our Day Camp this week. The five Sky Ranch counselors that led our Day Camp were outstanding.


In our latest Living Lutheran, there is a picture of 85 young adults who will serve in Global Missions. They have committed to a year of service. Recently, Pastor Zach Parris, campus ministry leader at CU, took a group of students on a Spring Break trip to the Holy Land and Palestine. It was much more than a vacation for these students. Once again, multiply that by all the campus ministries across our church. The church may be changing, but it is certainly not dying. Not as long as we have these young adults who are committed, passionate, and willing to serve. May they be an inspiration for us all.



Pastor Peterson

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