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“The Advent season is a season of waiting, but our whole life is an Advent season, that is, a season of waiting for the last Advent, for the time when there will be a new heaven and a new earth.”

These words, from Dietrich Bonhoeffer in God Is in the Manger, are a fantastic reminder that Advent is not simply about waiting for a baby to be born. That baby was already born in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago. We’re not waiting for him to be born again. We are waiting for this new heaven and new earth, this realm of God, where everything this baby lived (and died) for reigns over all.

What does that look like—the realm of God? Some people say it looks like scenes from apocalyptic books like Daniel and Revelation. Some people say it looks like Mary’s song from Luke. Some people say it looks like the wolf and lamb in Isaiah’s prophecy. Some people say it looks like the glory days of the past. Some people say it’s an unimaginable future.

Rarely, people say the realm of God looks like today, like something in our midst, right now. But Jesus said that it does look like today! In every parable Jesus tells, it is like something we recognize: a mustard seed, a treasure in a field, a man going on a journey, a king who gave a feast, a woman who lost a coin…

This year, during Advent, I invite you to dream about what we are waiting for: Jesus, Christmas, the end of a pandemic, peace, human interaction… Imagine! Wonder what the realm of God is like. Picture it like something in your midst. Hope for something more magnificent than we could ever expect.

If you’re finding it hard to dream this year--no one could blame you--maybe let others inspire your imagination. Tune into worship ( or eDevotions (Meditation Monday, Festive Friday, and a special-for-advent Wednesday Wonderings all found at You can watch and worship as soon as we are live, or whenever the spirit moves you. If you’re craving interaction, you can join in the First Friday Zoom or Coffee Hour Zoom on any Sunday--if you don’t have access online or through a smartphone, we have members who can help you call in on a telephone.

Life is a season of waiting and you don’t need to wait alone!



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