Rev's Revelations

Seeker of a Saviour

by Katie Chullino

I walked mile after mile, like the wise men of the night,

Seeking a king, a messiah to end endless plight.

Bringing gifts of gold and a lamb newborn

As the shepherds listened in awe to the angels' song and horn.

I knelt and I saw a King like a lamb

So gentle, so sweet, so soft was the child's hand.

In a single instant, His future I found,

Was no throne on earth, but a thorn filled crown.

He was the Messiah, the Christ, Immanuel, King

The Lamb, our sacrifice, the song the angels sing.

I walked mile after mile, like the wise men of the night

Seeking a king, a messiah to end endless plight;

The Saviour I met, slumbering that night.


As we enter the New Year, we also enter the season of Epiphany. Epiphany is a reminder that Christmas is not over. While Advent is about waiting for God to show up, and Christmas is about God showing up in the manger, Epiphany is about God being revealed to the rest of the world. The wise men set out to find a king at the behest of Herod. When they found the babe, they were told in a dream to change their plans. So, instead of telling Herod where the child was, they saved the Saviour's life.

During this time of the year, we often seek something "better." We make resolutions and plans for better fitness, better health, better attitudes, better behaviors. We might resolve to focus on our faith a little more, too.

Consider where you see Christ, where you search for Christ, and the new ways you might seek Christ this year. Study the bible, worship, sing, and experience this newborn faith in the world, too. The King is not only a tiny babe, but a healer of the sick, the teacher of students, the host of a great meal, and the friend of the friendless. Seek that King this year, and let him change your course, too.


Pastor Katie

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