While in person events are postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope to continue some fellowship using video conferencing. Check back frequently for more information.


ff yayf pizza12In addition to our Sunday school, Adult forum and Bible studies, our families with young children enjoy some special fellowship times. Contact Deaconess Kristen ((kristen@bethlehem-lutheran.net), 303-817-5482) for more information and/or suggestions of activities. Past activities have included pool parties, pumpkin patch outings, cookie decorating, and gathering for pizzas!


New Small Group Ministry for Parents

When my daughter was born, I (Deaconess Kristen) gathered a group of moms who also had new babies, and together, we figured out how to care for these infants while our toddlers were still needy and our houses still needed cleaning and our husbands still wanted their partners and all of everything else. Together we read and discussed books, asked questions, and studied. But beyond that, we wove relationships between us that endured divorces, major car accidents, job changes, cancers, family deaths, and so much more. And, we grew in our faith at the same time. It was just this past week that I sat with two of the moms from that group that first met seventeen years ago. We talked about how much had changed in our lives since that first "Moms and Babies" group. We all looked at each other and said "and here we are, still having these conversations, but about different things." And we sighed a collective sigh of thankfulness that our relationships that were formed so long ago because of our babies were still carrying us through our parenting of these babies-turned-teenagers today. This is what the Phase Ministry is about. It is about weaving relationships with others in the same "Phase" as you are, not just for that phase alone, but for life-long friendship and faith formation.

You are invited to participate in a ministry designed for parents of kids from birth through Young Adults. Groups will consist of parents of similarly aged kids for the purpose of connecting and navigating this particular "Phase" of life right now.

Each group will work together to find the best place, time, and method of meeting. We are looking forward to possibly (following the recommendations of the CDC, WHO, RMS, state of CO and Boulder County) doing some small group, socially distant, fellowship gatherings in July and August. Then, this fall, we will dive into the Parenting Through the Phases small group discussions. We will be using materials from The reThink Group (www.thinkorange.com) which are available for purchase at www.parentcuestore.org, if you want a sneak peek.

So, will you join us? Do you want to hear more? Do you have questions? We hope so to all of those things! Please reach out to us and let us know how we can help.


To sign up and begin getting connected, please do any of the following things:

1. Email Deaconess Kristen at kristen@bethlehem-lutheran.net and let her know you are interested. She will connect you with your leader and answer any questions you have about how this works.

2. Please join our Bethlehem Lutheran Parent Phase Ministry Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/BLCParentPhaseMinistry/.

3. Contact your small group leader:

  • Birth–5 years old: Amanda D. (Amanda.dawson24@gmail.com)
  • Elementary: Laura H. (laura.hoime4@gmail.com)
  • Middle School: Jaime U. (jaimeupdegraff@gmail.com)
  • High School: Nancy B. (njdbox@gmail.com)
  • Young adults: Todd P. (todd.propp26@gmail.com) or Kathy L. (keloberg0@gmail.com)
 Contact Deaconess Kristen ((kristen@bethlehem-lutheran.net), 303-817-5482) for more information and/or suggestions.










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