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Electronic Giving at BLC Through Vanco Payment Solutions

Payment methods:

• Direct electronic funds transfer between banks, referred to as ACH (Automated Clearing House); formerly called Simply Giving when used for recurring payments.

• Credit/Debit Card processing, referred to as MS (Merchant Services); formerly referred to as WebPay.

Frequency of payments:

• one-time payment—most often used for registrations, visitor donations, paying for books.

• recurring payment (weekly/monthly/quarterly)—most often used for donation pledges.

Profile options:

• No profile created—used for one-time payment; no tracking or history kept (ACH or MS).

• Profile created—tracks information and allows history record, changes to profile, addition of accounts, manage recurring and one-time payments, etc.

Access options:

1) Through our public BLC web Vanco Donation page:

a. Using our BLC public website home page (no member login required), click on Donate tab (far right) and then on the donate link to bring up our Vanco donation page.

b. Using the BLC QR code: Scan the QR code located in the top right corner front page of the yellow page announcements in the weekly bulletin to bring up the BLC Vanco donation page (user must have or download a QR code reader app for tablet or smart phone).

c. User can login to an existing profile, set-up a new profile, or proceed without a profile. Payment method can be either MS or ACH. Frequency can be either single time or recurring. Accounts are listed with text boxes for additional information.

d. Donation page can be viewed using computer, tablet, or smart phone—full page display of account options with text boxes or an optional mobile page display in simple format with text boxes.

2) Vanco Give+ app for smart phones:

a. User must first download the Vanco Give+ app for either Apple or Android (links below).

b. User can login to an existing profile, set-up a new profile, or proceed without a profile.

c. User chooses church (Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Longmont).

d. Payment method can be either MS or ACH; frequency can be either single time or recurring. Accounts are listed (without text boxes) in simple format.

3) Vanco Give+ Text:

a. User sends text message to 844-957-1020 (specific to BLC) and the amount to donate with keyword that designates the account in message (default is General Operating account); press "Send," and user will receive a registration link.

b. Click the link and enter the contact and payment information (bank account or credit/debit card information); tap "Process."

c. After registration is complete, user will receive a verification text and an option to make the donation recurring. User will also receive a receipt by email.

d. For future giving, simply text with amount (and key word) and it will process automatically.

If you would like to give to an account other than the general operating fund, use the following keywords:

  • Agape – To support the BLC Agape fund
  • Flowers – To support weekly or special occasion flowers
  • General – General Operating funds (default)
  • Mission – To support our Mission trips and projects
  • Reimburse – To reimburses BLC for books, etc.
  • Quilts – To purchase or donate to BLC Quilts
  • Retreat – To register for the BLC Women's Retreat
  • Youth Activities – To support youth related activities
  • Special - Special Holiday giving (Lent, Easter, Advent, Christmas, etc.)

You can view a video showing how easy it is to use GivePlus Text.


4) Submit printed form to BLC staff to set up account:

a. Download or get the Vanco BLC_Enrollment_Form_2018.pdf from the BLC Office, complete and sign, and return to the BLC office for staff to set up an account for you.

Important note: All BLC Vanco accounts are linked by email address. For all of these options, users should use the same email address so their profiles will be linked in your BLC Vanco account for ease of use and reporting. If you need help in consolidating your accounts or adding in your BLC envelope number, contact Jenny, our financial secretary. Users will have access to credit card and bank account options with either Give+ or web-based access.


QR code reader for Android

Give+ app for Android

QR code reader for iOS

Give+ app for iOS

Vanco BLC_Enrollment_Form_2018.pdf


Note: Vanco Payment Solutions, as do all processing companies, charges an upfront 3% convenience bank fee per transaction. We will give each contributor the option to check a box under the card information screen so that fee is paid by the donor and Bethlehem doesn't incur the cost.


Online giving lets you go to our website at any time 24/7 to set up an automatic donation plan, change your donation plan, make a one-time donation, or view your online donation history. Contact  Aaron, our webmaster, or Jenny, our financial secretary, for more information or assistance.


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