Faith Formation for Adults

One of our goals for our members is to provide opportunities to learn and grow on their faith journeys. We offer several opportunities to read, hear, discuss and share information and experiences. Please explore these opportunities and join us!


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Sunday Adult Forums
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Adult Forums

During our learning hour (9:15–10:05 a.m.), the Adult forum meets in the Fireside room or the Fellowship hall to discuss various books, topics, or videos. Occasionally, we have guest speakers who relate additional ideas regarding faith formation.


Adult Forums for November

November 3: Faith Formation: More than just Sunday School, led by Deaconess Kristen. All are invited to come for this short adult forum that will lift up the many ways we do Faith Formation here at BLC. This is designed to be an informative and short conversation that will define what Faith Formation is and highlight the programs that provide the platform for Faith Formation. More conversation about Faith Formation will follow in the coming months. This will be a shortened session due to the Jazz Concert that is also between worship services.


God and Science: This series is designed to explore an aspect of the relationship between science and faith. The conversation will begin with a short video, narrated by Dr. Paul Wallace, who is an astronomer, professor, theologian and self-proclaimed science nerd, all in one person! Following the video, Fred Fanton will lead discussion based on hand-outs for each video. This curriculum was developed by Luther Seminary and made possible from a grant John Templeton Foundation. This is a product of a three-year project entitled "Science for Youth Ministry: The Plausibility of Transcendence." Its purpose is to catalyze faith-and-science conversations for people of all ages.

November 10: God and Science: A Tale of Two Books

Do you feel like faith and science are in competition, that you must choose one or the other? The different stories told by faith and science often overwhelm us. But what if our faith could be enlarged and inspired by science?

November 17: God and Science: Hurtling Through Space

Throughout history, Christians have been central to advancing our understanding of the universe through science. But recently, many Christians are being taught to ignore or fear science. What if we, as people of faith, were reinvigorated to celebrate scientific discovery as an expression of our God-Given capacity to know and understand?

November 24: God and Science: Lobsters and Poetry

New scientific discoveries can continually inform and expand our understanding of the universe. As our perspective grows, we are confronted with a choice: are we willing to shed old beliefs in order to embrace an enlarged faith that fits our new understanding?

December 1: God and Science: Atoms, Arranged to Love

Are we fantastically complex collections of atoms and nothing more? Or are we fantastically complex collections of atoms that somehow carry the divine image and have a deep capacity for love? How might faith provide understanding about life that science cannot?

Please continue to check the weekly bulletins and our website ( for updated schedules.



Full Adult Forum Schedule October–December

Oct. 6: Mosaic: Discovering Possibilities (Carolyn Gage)

Oct. 13: God of Creation, ch 2, Who God was in the beginning (Colleen Beyer)

Oct. 20: God of Creation, ch 3, Six Days and a Rest (Manna Bible Study)

Oct. 27: God of Creation, ch 4, Created in the Image of God (Manna Bible Study)

Nov. 3: Faith Formation: More than just Sunday School (Deaconess Kristen Baltrum)

Nov. 10: Faith and Science, session 1 (Fred Fanton)

Nov. 17: Faith and Science, session 2 (Fred Fanton)

Nov. 24: Faith and Science, session 3 (Fred Fanton)

Dec. 1: Faith and Science, session 4 (Fred Fanton)

Dec. 8: Revelation Christmas Story Pageant (Seminarian Andrea Kragerud)

Dec. 15: Revelation Christmas Story Pageant (Seminarian Andrea Kragerud)




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Adult Bible Studies

ff a bsTh 2015 LSB1Bethlehem has a number of Bible Studies meeting on different days and discussing various parts of the Bible. All are welcome and encouraged to find a group that allows growth in faith. Discussions and questions are not only welcome but expected! Check out the various current Bible studies for more details.


The Daily Walk Bible Study

Lutherans have a rich heritage of reading the Bible. Martin Luther translated the Bible into everyday language so we have the opportunity to read and study God’s Word. Please join us as we read through God’s Word during 2019.


“This God’s story of His love for mankind. It’s His guidebook for everyone who seeks Him and who will follow His Son, Jesus...Our prayer is that you will be one of those who read it, for it will change your life. The Daily Walk Bible gives you a reading plan that intersperses brief explanatory and inspirational teaching between the segments of Scripture, guiding you through the Bible day by day...When you step into God’s story, you’ll encounter the true and living God and your life will be changed forever. “ (Paula Kirk, editorial director or Walk Thru the Bible Ministries)


Our Daily Walk group meets on occasion and we would love to have you join us. Contact Colleen Beyer ( for more information.



Promise Keepers

This group of men meets on Saturday mornings at 8 a.m. in the Bethlehem Peace Fellowship Hall. For more information, contact the church office.


Manna Bible Study

The Manna Bible Study for women meets each Monday at 9:00 a.m. at various members' homes. In addition to the study, we prepare meals for HOPE once a month, share prayer concerns, and have meaningful Bible-based conversations. All women are welcome! Contact Phyllis Wright or Colleen Beyer for the location of the next meeting or if you would like more information.



Naomi Circle Resumes on September 10, 2019

The Naomi Circle meets at 9:15 a.m. on the second Tuesday of the month (except for July and August) for fellowship and snacks in the Peace Fellowship Hall and for study in the Fireside room. Our study will follow the ELCA Gather Bible study series in the Lutheran Gather magazine and is led by our pastor. The studies are written by Lutheran women clergy and theologians. Our membership is open to all who are interested in joining us.


Naomi Circle will meet on Tuesday, November 12 at 9:15 a.m. We start with a light brunch and meeting and then have a Bible study based on the ELCA Gather magazine.. All ladies are invited to come and bring a friend for wonderful Christian fellowship. See you there! Contact Sue Smith (, 863-326-4000) for more information.

We also participate in various service projects during the year—creating layettes, serving lunch at the OUR Center, putting together school kits, and serving lunch to Habitat for Humanity workers. Many of our members join in quilting at the church on Thursdays, 9:00–11:30 a.m.

Please contact the church office or Sue Smith for further information on the above.


Friday Morning Men's Group

The Friday Morning Men's Bible Study group meets on Friday mornings at 6:30–8:00 a.m. at various members' homes for breakfast and study. Contact Jerry Phipps if you would like more information.



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We have retreats during the year for different groups. The Women's Retreat in 2014 went to the Abbey of St. Walburga; the Women's Retreat in 2015 went to the YMCA of the Rockies and invited Ruth Bachman, founder of The Hourglass Fund Project, as the guest speaker. More details about past and future retreats can be found below. If you have an idea for a retreat, contact Deaconess Kristen.


2019 Women's Retreat: Now taking registrations

October 4–6, 2019 at Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp. Contact Deaconess Kristen with comments, suggestions and ideas.


"Get Wired" at BLC

Bring anything with power cords for recycling–old home phones, radios, computers, etc. You can even bring in non-working strings of Christmas lights, as  long as all the bulbs are removed. There is a box in the narthex marked "Get Wired." All proceeds will benefit the women's retreat fund. This will be an ongong fundraiser. Now is the time to start your spring cleaning and bring in those old, unwanted items with wires. For more information, check out or contact Bev Coody or Deaconess Kristen Baltrum.





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