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20170306 092140_AB.2Come join us in a safe, caring Christian atmosphere. It is an honor and a privilege to continue to provide an excellent program for Early Childhood Education for the community of Longmont.  We have a low child-teacher ratio and a full curriculum (see below). 

Contact Andrea Becker by email or call (303) 776-3081 for tuition rates and more information. For additional information, check out the updated slideshow below. You can also find  Cornerstone Preschool (Longmont) on Facebook and at

~Andrea Becker, Director of Cornerstone Preschool



Cornerstone Preschool is currently enrolling children ages three to five for the 2017 Fall Session. The classes are on 1) Monday, Wednesday and Friday or 2) Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Enrollment continues throughout the year, if there are openings. Please call Andrea at 303-776-3081 for more information and to make an appointment to visit the preschool.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday classes

These classes are for children four-years-old by September 30 and children already five. Classes are from 9:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m.

Tuesday and Thursday classes

These classes are for children that are three- and four-years-old. All classes are from 9:00 a.m. –1:00 p.m.



  • Character Development: Taking turns, sharing, helpfulness, obedience, kindness, responsibility, honesty, cleanliness
  • Creative Art Exploration: Names of colors, pasting, finger, brush and sponge painting, coloring, cutting, play dough and clay
  • Health: Cleanliness, nutrition, exercise, oral care
  • Language Art Expression: Show and tell, playacting, finger plays, pretend expressions

  • Large Muscle Skills: Climbing, running, jumping, riding, balancing, throwing, group exercises
  • Manipulative Skills: (Small muscle & hand-eye coordination) Blocks, stringing beads, pegboards, puzzles, textures, shapes
  • Music: Singing, rhythm instruments
  • Number Facts: Calendar, counting, shapes, one-on-one relationships, games
  • Pledge: American Pledge of Allegiance
  • Prayer: Mealtime and special needs
  • Reading Readiness: Matching, recognizing differences and sequences, letters and 
  • Science: Plants, seeds, weather, seasons, insects, pets, cooking
  • Stories: Bible, animal, children, and science books, sounds, left to right activities, recognizing and printing their names.

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  • Social: To provide an environment that fosters a sense of security; to encourage helpfulness and courtesy: To help a child feel accepted by his teacher and peers; to promote sharing with others.

  • Emotional and Mental: To develop a positive attitude of self-worth, a feeling of competence and satisfaction in the mastery of new skills; to help the child's sense of responsibility and self-control; to stimulate curiosity, creativity, and imagination. To involve a child in a basic educational program which includes science, math, letters, numbers, reading readiness, music, and art.
  • Spiritual: To help each child develop a love of God; to teach that Jesus is God's Son and loves each of them; to teach the Bible as the Word of God; and to instill a love for others.
  • Physical: To develop large and small muscles; to promote good health habits

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