Faith Formation: "rattles to wrinkles"


Welcome to our faith formation section! We are led by our Pastor Katie Chullino, our Faith Formation Interim Director, Deaconess Ann Maki. Please feel free to contact them with any questions or suggestions.


ff StainedGlassCross 1Here at Bethlehem Lutheran, we embrace the opportunity to learn and grow in our faith journeys. We believe in an integrated approach—often combining learning with service and fellowship events—in addition to the more traditional Bible studies, Sunday school, Retreats and Confirmation classes.


Some of the highlights of our current programs are listed below with links to more detailed information and contacts.


What is Faith Formation?

A message from Deaconess Kristen Baltrum:

With our recent restructuring of the staff this summer, my job title changed...again. I am now your Deaconess serving the BLC community as the Director of Faith Formation. But what does that mean, exactly? I thought I'd take a moment to explain where that title comes from. Faith Formation is the verbiage now being used all across the ELCA to refer to everything in a congregation's ministry—outside of formal worship—that has "nurturing one's faith" as its goal. It is a broad sweep of a title intended to include traditional ministries such as education, youth, Bible study, fellowship and others.


About ten years ago some super smart professor types did some great research and came up with the Five Principles; five things that are in common when faith is being formed or passed from generation to generation. These include:

1. Faith is caught, not taught.

2. We need Christian adults to have Christian kids.

3. When Christ is present, home is church too.

4. The home is the primary place of faith nurturing.

5. There is a living partnership between the home and the congregation.


The Five Principles are not independent from one another. In fact they kind of bleed into one another, creating a beautiful mess of relationships, programs, partnerships, educational experience, community-building opportunities, and a living breathing CHURCH. As the Director of Faith Formation, it is my job to support all the things that make up this beautiful mess. That means I will be supporting the ministry of Jamie Jurkovich, Sunday School Program Coordinator, and Amy Loberg, Elder Program Coordinator, as well as the many other volunteers who help with faith forming activities for our babies through elders. I will continue to be hands on with our Confirmation Mentor Ministry, our Senior High Ministry and our Young Adult Ministry (yes, we have one of those!). I will work alongside Pastor Mark to attend to the needs of our worshipping community as well as the overall care of the congregation. My objective is to nurture a congregational culture where all generations—from rattles to wrinkles—are involved in faith forming relationships that challenge each person to grow, affirm all the milestones along the way, and glorify God in this community and world.


If you would like to learn more about the concept of Faith Formation or any of the research involved, I would be happy to have coffee and engage in that conversation.  It's great to be Church with you!

~Deaconess Ann


Additional links:

Faith Formation for Youth: More details on programs for our youth pre-Kindergarten through Senior High School.

Faith Formation for Young Adults and Young Families: More details on programs focusing on our young adults and young families. For more information, contact Deaconess Kristen Baltrum.

Faith Formation for Adults: Opportunities for adult learning through Bible studies, Retreats and Adult Sunday Forums. For more information, contact our Pastor Katie Chullino.


Library news: "Thy Word is a Lamp unto my feet and a Light unto my Path."

BLC Library 2015 1Books, videos, audio tapes and more are available to check out from our Bethlehem Library located in the Fireside Room. Items related to a particular theme of the month are displayed on the Library Table in the narthex located on the South Wall behind the sign-up table. The Library Committee keeps this table stocked with books recently donated by members of the congregation—THANKS to those contributors! You may find the one you have been looking for—or one you didn't even know you were looking for! You can check one out simply by writing your name on the card and placing it in the basket provided—try to return it within 1 month. For more information, contact Nancy Tiff and the library committee.



Cornerstone Preschool:

We are blessed to be partners with a preschool on our premises that focuses on Christian values. Visit their webpage or contact Andrea Becker, Director, for more information.


Also, check out our Photos pages to get more of a look into our various Faith Formation experiences!


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