Faith Formation: "rattles to wrinkles"


Welcome to our faith formation section! We are led by our Pastor Katie Chullino, our Faith Formation Interim Director, Deaconess Ann Maki. Please feel free to contact them with any questions or suggestions.


ff StainedGlassCross 1Here at Bethlehem Lutheran, we embrace the opportunity to learn and grow in our faith journeys. We believe in an integrated approach—often combining learning with service and fellowship events—in addition to the more traditional Bible studies, Sunday school, Retreats and Confirmation classes.


Covid has changed things... but the focus of growing in relationship with the Lord and with others has not! 



Upcoming:  Day Camp!

July 12-16, 2021. Kids ages 4 through just completed 5th grade are invited in person for a week of faith, fun and more! In cooperation with First Lutheran Church, Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp counselors will lead the songs, games, activities and the week of faith and relationship building. Yes, Covid has changed some things, but the goal has not - provide a safe and faith filled week of fun for our community. Drop off time is 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m, and pick up is from 11:30 a.m. to noon. Pre-registration will be required as number of participants will be limited. Masks will be required. No snacks will be provided, so please make sure to bring a filled water bottle with your child(ren). Remember sunscreen, and please bring a towel as their home base place each day. No cost or fee! Keep an eye on the church website and email for when registration goes live. A few volunteers will be needed to make this week run smoothly. If you are interested in helping, please contact Deaconess Ann.


What is Faith Formation?

Faith Formation is the verbiage now being used all across the ELCA to refer to everything in a congregation's ministry—outside of formal worship—that has "nurturing one's faith" as its goal. It is a broad sweep of a title intended to include traditional ministries such as education, youth, Bible study, fellowship and others.


About ten years ago some super smart professor types did some great research and came up with the Five Principles; five things that are in common when faith is being formed or passed from generation to generation. These include:

1. Faith is caught, not taught.

2. We need Christian adults to have Christian kids.

3. When Christ is present, home is church too.

4. The home is the primary place of faith nurturing.

5. There is a living partnership between the home and the congregation.


The Five Principles are not independent from one another. In fact they kind of bleed into one another, creating a beautiful mess of relationships, programs, partnerships, educational experience, community-building opportunities, and a living breathing CHURCH. 




Cornerstone Preschool:

We are blessed to be partners with a preschool on our premises that focuses on Christian values. Visit their webpage or contact Andrea Becker, Director, for more information.


Also, check out our Photos pages to get more of a look into our various Faith Formation experiences!


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