High School

High School Youth: grades 9-12


ff hs grpWestern1We are expanding our Faith Formation program for our high school students. Their program incorporates fellowship, learning and serving opportunities. Additional information can be found in the Mission, Gather, and Connect sections. Also check out some pictures from the last ELCA gathering: Rise Up! Please contact Deaconess Kristen for more details.


High School Fellowship and Caring Conversation

All High Schoolers are invited to fellowship and caring conversation in DK's office on Sunday mornings from 9:10–10:10 a.m., beginning August 28*. Topics of conversation will include current events, Biblical connections to today's world, and whatever else needs to be discussed. Brian Carlson will once again be leading this awesome time of reflecting on God's activity in our lives.



Upcoming events


ELCA Youth Gathering Informational Meeting: August 20

Sunday, August 20 at 11:30 a.m.: Calling all parents of students who are entering grades 8–12 this fall! YOU are the eligible students for the ELCA Youth Gathering 2018 in Houston, Texas! The dates of the event are June 27–July 1, 2018, plus travel days on either end. We will be registering on September 15. This means we need to get you some information! Please plan on attending our no-commitment, informational meeting on August 20 to have all of your questions answered. This event has been a rich tradition of BLC's youth ministry, not to mention transformational in the lives of many of our youth who are now young adults. At this meeting, we will cover registration, adult leadership, event content, transportation, and dates for fundraising, etc. Our registration/paperwork meeting will be September 10 at 11:30 a.m. Contact Deaconess Kristen with any questions.


Middle and Senior High Day at Water World: August 7

Monday, August 7, 9:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m.: Come join in on the soaking wet fun at the water park! If we get 15 people to sign up, tickets are only $25, with the option to add an awesome, all-you-can-eat-all-day, amazing, and totally-worth-it buffet for an additional $15. So, sign up, sign your friends up, and let's go remember our baptisms! HARD DEADLINE for sign-up is August 5 by 5:00 p.m. Contact  Deaconess Kristen with any questions.


Middle and Senior High Day at Elitch Gardens: July 17

Monday, July 17, 9:30 a.m.–9:00 p.m.: A super fun day of water slides and roller coasters! We will leave the BLC parking lot at 9:30 a.m. and return by 9:00 p.m. (leaving the park at 8 p.m.). Pack a lunch for tailgating. Bring extra money ($15-$20) for snacks and drinks in the park and dinner together. If we can get a group of 15, tickets are only $20, so recruit your friends and RSVP to Deaconess Kristen no later than July 15! Also, let DK know if you'd like to use the money in your account to pay for your ticket.


Senior High Mystery Trip: June 23–28

Please pray for our group of High Schoolers and their adult leaders as they LIVE BY FAITH on a Mystery Trip! Only the adult leaders and parents know what is happening, but they won't say a word to the students! Each day will bring a new adventure and a new opportunity for learning, service, or fellowship. Stay tuned to the Bethlehem Lutheran Member Facebook page for snap shots of each day's adventures. Contact Deaconess Sarah Loberg with any questions.


Late Start Breakfast Club

ff hs grpTableDKB1Calling all senior highers! Don't sleep in on those awesome Late Start days; join us at BLC for breakfast! It's a great time to pack in some delicious brain food so you will be smarter than ever on that short day at school, and it's a great time to hang out with your friends. Check the Late Start Breakfast Club page for details on dates and RSVP to DK (303-817-5482). Remember to bring your friends! All are welcome.



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