Faith Formation: Pre-Kindergarten through High School

Youth Ministry Overview

Pre-kindergarten through High School Ministry is the age-specific ministry at Bethlehem Lutheran Church that recognizes the unique variety of needs and gifts of children and teenagers and seeks to walk along side these members and their families in identifying God's activity in their lives. We do this through Faith Formation, Mission, Connecting and Gathering on a regular basis.


Cross-generational Ministry at Bethlehem Lutheran Church operates in the 6-5-4-3 model of faith formation from Vibrant Faith Ministries which includes the following:

There are SIX CONTEXTS for faith formation:

• Creation

• Culture

• Community

• Congregation

• Household

• Child


There are FIVE PRINCIPLES for faith formation:

• We need Christian adults if we want Christian kids.

• Faith is caught, not taught.

• The HOME is the primary place of faith nurturing.

• When Christ is present, home is church too.

• There is living partnership between the home and the congregation.


There are FOUR KEYS for faith formation—keys for passing on the faith:

• Caring Conversation

• Household service

• Household devotions

• Rituals and Traditions


There are THREE ATTITUDES necessary for adults who wish to pass on the faith:

• Authentic

• Available

• Affirming


ff ss singing1Through this 6-5-4-3 Faith Formation Model, Bethlehem Lutheran Church seeks to create a cross-generational congregational culture of faith formation in which all people, FROM RATTLES TO WRINKLES, can participate in faith forming adventures. Children's, Youth, Young Adult, and Family Ministries are all fully integrated into the life of the congregation. This creates a web of relationship that young people cannot "graduate out of."


With this integrated approach, additional information for activities may be found under the Mission, Connect, and Gather sections.


More details on the specific programs can be found on prekindergarten through grade 5, middle school and confirmation, and high school pages



2017-2018 Sunday school classroom assignments:


Pre-school—Nursery Room 116

Kindergarten-First grade—Creation Station Room 114

Second and Third grades—Room 112

Fourth and Fifth grades—Room 111

Middle school/confirmation—Youth Room 126

High School—Deaconess Kristen's office (directly across from the main church office)








Map of BLC with classrooms marked.


Safe Haven Policy

Bethlehem Lutheran Church abides by the Safe Haven Policy that was adopted by the BLC Council in 2011. This document is our stated policy on adult leaders, adult to student ratios, definitions of abuse, and methods of reporting abuse. Applications for working with children and youth and permission for background checks are also found in this document. The complete Safe Haven Policy document is available for download.



Links to program details:

Pre-kindergarten through grade 5

Middle school (grades 6-8)

High School (grades 9-12)

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Additional Youth Ministry News

Reloadable Gift Card Update

Thank you so much for continuing to use your King Soopers and Safeway reloadable gift cards when you purchase your groceries. This is an amazing fundraiser for our Youth Ministry. The grocery rewards plus generous donations from our guests and members make this ministry possible. It is a gift to be able to have youth join us for relationship-building and faith-forming activities even when they are unable to pay for it themselves, and for me to be able to stop and pick up ice cream for everyone just because it caps off a great day together!


If you would like to purchase a King Soopers or Safeway reloadable card, please see me (DK). They cost $10 and come already loaded with $10. BLC's Youth Ministry receives 5% of the amount you reload onto these cards. Thank you for your support!

~Deaconess Kristen






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