Faith Formation: Young Adult and Young Families

Young Adult Ministry is the age-specific ministry at Bethlehem Lutheran Church that recognizes the unique variety of needs and gifts of young adults and young families and seeks to walk along side these members in identifying God's activity in their lives. We do this through Faith Formation, Mission, Connecting and Gathering on a regular basis.


Young Adults

Young Adult Bowling Night

Calling all post–high school/college/recent post–college/twenty–something–ish through thirty–something–ish people! Let’s get together for some bowling awesomeness on January 20 at 7:00 p.m. RSVP to Deaconess Sarah Loberg or Deaconess Kristen by January 16. We will determine the location based on who’s coming.



Calling all high school/college/college-ish/young adult type people! How about a good old–fashioned, high energy game of Trenchball (like Dodgeball, only better)!? We will play in the “Big Room” over at First Lutheran Church. Come for the fun, the fellowship, and all the crazy on Saturday, November 25, 7:00–8:30 p.m.! Friends welcome! An RSVP is requested, but not required to Deaconess Kristen or Deaconess Sarah.


Softball and Kickball Teams

ff ya ballparkSunsetThe Bethlehem Lutheran Church Softball Team and Kickball Team are young adult and young-at-heart teams of members and friends of BLC that like to play ball, have fun, and bring "Church League" softball and kickball into the community! We practice grace, forgiveness, encouragement and laughter as our regular playing practices. Check out Softball and Kickball Teams under Connect for more details! For more information, contact Deaconess Kristen.




Blessing of Sarah Loberg as Deaconess

ff yayf BlessingSL2


On September 13, 2015, we had the pleasure of blessing Sarah Loberg on her continuing journey to become an ELCA deaconess. Members of the high school group and her family came forward to lay hands on Sarah as Pastor Peterson gave a special prayer for Sarah and her internship year. Sarah will be teaching middle school math as part of her internship. Please keep Sarah in your prayers as she goes down this road as a servant of God. Many blessings to you, Sarah!




Young Families

ff yayf pizza12In addition to our Sunday school, Adult forum and Bible studies, our families with young children enjoy some special fellowship times. Contact Deaconess Kristen (303-817-5482) for more information and/or suggestions of activities.



Upcoming Events

Coming Soon! 

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