Annual Events

Our Bethlehem community enjoys gathering for many events during the year. Here are upcoming and past regular events of the year.



Upcoming Annual Events

Watch for more information on upcoming events. Also check out our Special Events page!


2020 Annual Meeting

The Bethlehem congregational annual meeting will be held Sunday, January 26, at 11:30 a.m. in the Peace Fellowship Hall. This is when the congregation meets to approve the annual budget and elect the Church Council, Synod Assembly delegates, Nominating Committee for 2021, and Heritage Endowment members. A formal letter will go out to the congregation via mail/email later in December advising of the meeting and including the agenda. The format is standard because it is set in the BLC Constitution.

We will have a potluck luncheon coordinated by neighborhood groups (for items or tasks, check with your fellowship shepard in early January).

We have a couple of important dates coming up regarding the budget. On January 5, we will have a budget forum at 9:15 a.m. This will give people a chance to see where we are currently regarding our 2020 pledges and how our proposed budget is looking. By having this forum with members, there will be time for council to make changes, if needed, before the budget is printed in the Annual Report. The second date is January 19 at 9:15 a.m., which will be a final budget presentation by Gene Schnabel for those wishing a more indepth look at our finances. This has proven very beneficial in keeping everyone informed and prepared for the budget discussion during the annual meeting.

If you have any questions related to the meeting, please contact Greg S. If you have any questions related to the budget presentations, please contact Gene S.



2020 Annual Meeting Notice

The Bethlehem congregational annual meeting will be held Sunday, January 26, at 11:30 a.m. We will have a potluck luncheon coordinated by neighborhood groups (for items or tasks, check with your fellowship shepard in early January). A formal letter will go out to the congregation via mail/email later in December advising of the meeting and including the agenda. The format is standard as it is set in the constitution regarding specifics. If you have any questions, please contact Greg S. (







Past Annual Events

Here are a few of our past events during the past year.

Bake Sale for Nicaragua Project

The Nicaragua Project will be holding a bake sale on Sunday, December 15. Each dollar donated for the baked goods will provide two meals and two snacks at our Somoto children's project. Most of the children have scant to no food available when home in their shacks. Come check out the goodies and take some home for your Christmas gathering. If you would like to donate an item for the bake sale, please contact Cathy G. (

See you then and have a Great Christmas Season, The Nicaragua Project, a mission of Bethlehem.


Living Nativity

The Bethlehem tradition continues with the Living Nativity on Sunday, December 22 from 5:00–8:00 p.m. What a wonderful way to show the true meaning of Christmas! People come from all over to drive through the luminary pathway and view Bethlehem's family and friends depicting the manger scene with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus surrounded by Wisemen and Shepherds. We will have live animals as part of the scene as well. We are asking for volunteers to sing Christmas carols, dress the parts and a few folks to keep the inside running smoothly. With the event being so close to Christmas Eve and Christmas, we hope that more of your family will be in town to participate and share in this wonderful and blessed experience. Chili and fixings will be offered in the Fellowship Hall for those participating. This is a great event to sign up for as a family or team up with a few folks in your neighborhood group. Sign-up sheets will be posted in the narthex. For more information, contact Bob L. (, (303-956-6931).


2020 Stewardship Drive

In the coming weeks, the leadership team at Bethlehem will be crafting the operating budget for 2020. One of the tools we use to construct that budget is the expected revenue from membership. That information comes directly from the pledges that are made. As you consider your giving level for the upcoming year, please consider the following:

Operating costs for the church total approximately $475,000 per year. This includes property maintenance, utilities, payroll, and mission costs. As is the case everywhere, these costs are not decreasing. We can generally expect the overall cost of operations to increase by 2-3% per year via inflation alone. Any increases in mission work, staffing, or unexpected repairs to the facility will add to that amount. Obviously, we don't want to just do what we've always done in the past. We want to grow and will need your support to accomplish that goal.

Everybody has a reason to be a member of this community. We ask that you take inventory of the reasons why you are willing to give to Bethlehem. What is it that we do here that fuels your passion? The answer to that question is likely different for everybody. Whatever your reasons, we hope that you find value in our work here and are willing to support our mission to the best of your ability.

Our annual Stewardship Drive is October 27–November 17. Please stay tuned for more details and listen to the temple talks on November 10 and November 17. Pledge forms can be turned in on November 17. For more information, contact our Stewardship chair, Eric Kittleberger (, 303-682-2341).



Nicaragua Fair Trade Fair

On the Nicaragua Mission trip last June, we purchased lovely handmade crafts from artisans struggling to feed their families. Money raised at the fair will in turn help feed the 145 impoverished preschoolers and youth at our children's project in Somoto. The crafts will be available just outside the fellowship hall between and after services on Sunday, October 27. Plan to attend! Any questions, contact Cathy Goodman (



Rally Day September 15

Let's Rally! George Will once said, "It is an old baseball joke that big-inning baseball is affirmed in the Bible, in Genesis: 'In the big inning God created...'" With that spirit, the congregation is invited to this year's Rally Day celebration, Sunday, September 15, at 9:15 a.m. in the fellowship hall. To celebrate the start of the programmatic year at Bethlehem, we'll rally around a baseball theme time together. Hot dogs, popcorn and drinks will be provided, and peanuts will be available for $5/bag as part of a fundraiser for our Sunday School. We are planning an interactive way to get familiar with the teachers, curriculum and more. This fall kids will be studying stories from Genesis and Exodus to know God through these stories of faith. This isn't just for the kids—adults get to be a part of the rally too! Everyone is invited to wear their favorite team's jersey (does not have to be baseball team) and no RSVP needed. Take me out to Sunday School...


Kitchen Clean Up!

Please volunteer to help us clean the church kitchen on Saturday, September 7 at 9:00 a.m. The more volunteers we have, the quicker the cleanup goes. Contact Bob Lee with questions.


2019 "God's Work. Our Hands."

Date: September 8, 2019 Time: 12:30 p.m. at First Lutheran Church

Please join us for a day of service and fellowship and join forces with thousands of other ELCAm GWOH_2015_blc Lutherans as we serve in our local communities! Bethlehem will partner with First Lutheran on five projects: Homeless Socks/Bags, Bone Broth and Blankets for the Humane Society, Classroom Supply Boxes for Columbine and Northridge Elementary Schools, Yard Busters, and Quilt Tying. The two congregations are splitting the coordination of the efforts, so Bethlehem is needed to bring supplies for the Classroom Supply Boxes: sticky notes, pencils, Expo dry erase markers, hand sanitizer, plastic storage bags of any size, anti-bacterial wipes, black/blue/red ink pens, white cardstock paper and wide-ruled notebooks. You can place your donation in the bench-bin in the narthex before September 8 or bring your donation with you to the event! There will be a pizza lunch so please sign up in the narthex or by emailing Deaconess Kristen (



2019 Summer Coffees

This year we will again have our neighborhood ministry groups provide the summer coffee treats between services. With the help of the fellowship coordinators and the congregation, it will be a time to enjoy each other’s company. Please help make these a success when you are called upon during your neighborhood’s week.
June 23: Orange
June 30: Gold
July 7: Purple
July 14: Red
July 21: Pink
July 28: Teal
August 4: Orange
August 11: Gold
August 18: Purple
August 25: Red
September 1: Teal



Annual Congregational Meeting and Lunch

What a blessing ~ What a ride! It has been an honor serving Bethlehem Lutheran Church as council president this year! I have been blessed by every encounter with each of you whether you challenged or congratulated our efforts. My heart is filled to see the dedication, energy, commitment, and love that so many of you pour into our community as we work together to serve God and each other.

Your council would like to invite you to attend the annual congregational meeting on Sunday, January 27. Lunch is provided, and we will begin serving lunch at 11:30 a.m. and start the meeting by 12:15 p.m. This gathering is a time for celebrating all of the blessings we have experienced and created, the challenges we have faced, the opportunities that we have conquered, and the future we hope to create as we move into 2019. We will be thanking the current Council for their work and celebrating all that was accomplished this year; presenting information from the transition team and sharing an update on the call committee's work; voting on the proposed 2019 budget, the Synod changes to the constitution, the 2019 council members, and the 2019 Synod assembly delegates.

BLC is a busy community—we are active in so many ways! I hope you will all take the time to read each ministry report on the amazing year they have had, familiarize yourself with the proposed budget, and come to the meeting prepared to be engaged in your role as a member of the body of Christ.

There will be copies of the annual report available in the narthex on Sunday, January 20. To learn more about the proposed 2019 budget, the executive committee will be holding a budget workshop during the adult forum time on Sunday, January 6. We invite you to attend this as well to ask questions and get a more detailed reporting of the 2018 and 2019 budgets. There will also be a final budget forum during the adult forum on January 20 to answer any additional questions you may have.

Council is looking forward to seeing all of you at the congregational meeting!

We are blessed to be a blessing,

Cindy Tayler, 2018 council president

Annual Meeting Documents:

BLC Constitution 2014

Proposed BLC Constitution 2019

Proposed BLC By-Law Changes 2019

ELCA Model Constitution Changes

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please contact" title="CT Email Link" target="_blank" data-mce-href="">Cindy Tayler or" target="_blank" data-mce-href="">Greg Schumann.

If you have any technical issues with the documents, please contact" target="_blank" data-mce-href="">Jenny Kelley.


Decorating for Epiphany

The Epiphany of our Lord marks the end of the Christmas season. We will celebrate Epiphany on Sunday, January 6. We will take down the Chrismon tree and decorations on January 12 at 9:00 a.m. We will also hang our Epiphany mirrors. We had a great crew that put up the tree. Hopefully, we can have a good group of volunteers to make the seasonal change. Please come help out if you are able.


Living NativityLiving Nativity

Join us on December 235:00–8:00 this beautiful and meaningful experience that has been a tradition of Bethlehem for over 30 years. Whether in a car or on foot, visitors enter a luminary lit drive to the manger scene on the north side of the church. Church members, family and friends, sharing in the experience of Christ's birth, take turns creating the scene. With the addition of live carolers (you!!), the experience has grown to be a favorite in the community. Please consider signing up for one of the roles (30 minutes shifts) on the board in the narthex. There is a chili supper for all participants as well, so sign up and join this great event.



Chrismon Tree Decorating

Help is needed to decorate the sanctuary for the holiday season on Saturday, December 9, at 9:00 a.m. We will be setting up the Chrismon tree and hanging wreaths. If you can help with this enjoyable task, please sign up in the narthex or just show up on December 9. We will also be needing volunteers to take down the tree and wreaths on the day before Epiphany.

What is a Chrismon tree?
It's a Christmas tree decorated with Chrismons—like the one we have here at Bethlehem. The word Chrismon is a shortened form of "monogram of Christ" or a symbol of Christ. XP (the Greek letters chi and rho, representing the first two letters in Christ's name) would be such a symbol. The symbols are meant to represent the life of Christ and the meaning of Christmas.
Frances Kipps Spencer is credited with making the first Chrismon tree back in 1957. She was a member of Ascension Lutheran Church in Danville, Virginia. Her early Chrismon decorations were made from leftover Christmas gift-wrapping supplies. Since then, they have progressed to the beautiful decorations that grace our sanctuary Christmas tree.






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