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Update: June 2021

The Pandemic Advisory Group met on Monday, June 7, 2021 and discussed the following: indoor and outdoor worship guidelines, indoor and outdoor small group guidelines, and general mask guidelines. These guidelines were presented to the BLC Council on Tuesday, June 8, 2021, and approved for use. These guidelines will evolve with Boulder County vaccination rates and Covid-19 data.

New Guidelines Highlights

Our building is now open for use by groups by reservation and with some minimal guidelines.


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We will hold an indoor and an outdoor service each Sunday. For the first week of this model we will hold indoor worship at 8:00 a.m. and outdoor worship at 10:15 a.m. Worship leaders will monitor attendance and needs to determine which service will be outdoors. For Sunday, June 13, we will be inside at 8:00 a.m. and outside at 10:15 a.m. (Note: seating for outdoor worship will be under the pavilion and stable.) We will hold an outdoor coffee hour between services in the stable.
There is no sign-up for these services, however, there are some basic guidelines we ask members and guests to follow.


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We know that a number of our members, including children, people who are immunocompromised and others, remain more vulnerable, and we seek to create a space for us all. Masks are to be worn when entering the church building, in common areas (such as hallways, restrooms, etc), and during indoor worship. We continue to wear masks in these spaces per Boulder County recommendations and expect to drop mask requirements after Boulder County reaches an 80% vaccination rate for the total population.


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If you are willing to assist with worship needs (set-up, clean-up, ushering/greeting, reading, etc.) please contact our Worship and Music Director, Brenda, by phone at 303-776-3290 or email at Thank you!



Update: May 2021

       The Pandemic Advisory Group met in mid May:

  • reviewed guidelines for in person, outdoor worship, taking into consideration county guidelines, Rocky Mountain Synod recommendations and community input.  We will continue to revisit these as things shift around based on vaccinations, number of cases, county guidlines and other factors. After Boulder County moved to level "clear," we removed and changed several of the restrictions for outdoor worship.  You can read the approved guidelines here.
  • Will continue to stream worship online until further notice so all can participate 
  • A survey is currently in the hands of our community.  We look forward to hearing your input!
  • At our next meeting in early June, we will discuss and propose revised small group guidelines for both outdoor and indoor.  
  • Looking ahead: we are researching the practicies that have been found safe and beneficial with regards to opening the sanctuary for worship.  This is still a ways off.  However...
  • We are excited about offering outdoor worship starting May 16! and small groups are allowed to meet outdoors following the established guidelines (links below).

Information, statistics and recommendations seem to be ever shifting. It can be confusing what are the current guidelines for BLC. While some may feel the current guidelines are too strict, others may feel they are not enough - but we have to start somewhere to go anywhere.  If you ever have helpful suggestions, you can email the Pandemic Advisory Group at 

Current BLC Practices

  • The BLC Council has formed a Pandemic Advisory Group (PAG) to help determine what we may or may not need to make in-person, inside activities happen in safe and meaningful ways. (For example: HVAC filtration, room for distancing, specific community vaccination rates, etc.)
  • Worship: We continue online worship services, and weekly in person outdoor worship. In short, in person worship is distanced, wearing masks, and if assistance is needed, will be provided (bulletin, chairs, communion).  At this time registration for in person worship is still required so we have room for people to praise the Lord.  
  • Meetings and Groups: of 10 people or less (bible studies, quilting, even small worship groups, etc.) may use our "Outdoor Small Group" parameters again. Small groups may be able to meet in homes or the church building soon! If you'd like a gathering scheduled, please contact
  • The BLC Office is still open to staff and volunteers (who are approved by staff or council) to do necessary business. Working at home is encouraged.
  • The BLC Building remains closed unless an appointment is made through staff. All people entering the building must sign in at the front door. 
  • If you don't feel well we ask you please refrain from in person church activities and stay out of the church building for 7 days (with a negative Covid-19 test) or 10 days (without a test and without symptoms).  

Bethlehem Lutheran Church will continue to heed the health recommendations of relevant organizations—which include the ELCA, Rocky Mountain Synod (RMS), the CDC, Boulder County Health, and the State of Colorado.


BLC Mask Guidance:

1. Wear your mask when...'re entering the building.'re walking through hallways and common areas.'re going to the restroom, kitchen, water fountain.'re going into someone else's office.

2. You don't need to wear your mask if/when... or the person you are communicating with has a disability which makes seeing your mouth essential for communication. (Example: you are talking to someone who is hard of hearing or deaf.) cannot medically tolerate a face covering. (If this is an issue, please talk to me, privately. We can take other precautions for your health and the health of those around you.) are leading spoken worship and at least 25 feet away from others. are in your office and alone.

3. Here is the state's guidance:

Fully Vaccinated Guidance:

After one year of pandemic worship, pandemic bible study, pandemic coffee hours, pandemic service projects, and pandemic everything? It seems time for another update--and this one has some definite signs of hope!


Please take a few minutes to watch this update on BLC Pandemic Practices for fully vaccinated individuals.




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