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ELCA Rocky Mt. Synod

Bethlehem is one of the 165 congregations in the ELCA Rocky Mountain Synod. Through our donations to the synod, we support programs in our five state area (Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico and Texas). In addition, we support the ELCA Lutheran camp, Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp. See below for more information.


Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp

ffm hs grpSRservice2Many of our households participate in weekend work opportunities to support our camps! This past May, a group of five families went up to Bellvue, Colorado to Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp and helped lay hard wood floors in the nurses' cabin, clean the backpack center and the lodge, stock the pantry, build a loft for one of the staff apartments, and generally get camp ready to open. Later this summer, more young adults and older adults joined the confirmation students at Sky Ranch to complete the "Bethlehem Lutheran Church Climbing Wall" element for the low-ropes course. Check out additional information and photos on the Youth pages.


ELCA New Mission Support for HFASS 

As members of the ELCA, our faith in a loving God frees us to be bold and courageous, open to the Holy Spirit's invitation to be active in the world. Mission Support—the portion of our regular offerings that our congregations share with synods and the church-wide organization—unites us in this vital, life-giving work. Mission Support makes it possible for ELCA members from Alaska to the Caribbean to be responsive as one church to exciting new opportunities for ministry. Bethlehem has chosen to provide new mission support to the House for All Sinners and Saints (HFASS) in Denver. The founder and pastor, Nadia Bolz-Weber, is a former member of our congregation. We are grateful to be able to provide financial and spiritual support for this wonderful outreach congregation.


2018 Mission Trip to Houston

Bethlehem and Light of Christ have decided that we will head to Houston this fall for our combined mission trip. We had a great experience in years past working with the St. Bernard Project doing Katrina relief work.  We will once again work with them as we do Hurricane Harvey clean–up.


Informational Meeting for Houston Mission Trip

There will be an informational meeting about the Houston mission trip on Sunday, June 3 at 6:30 p.m. in the library classroom. We will provide an update on the arrangements made so far, estimated costs, and our continuing fundraising efforts (including our Father’s Day Pancake Breakfast fundraiser). Please contact Bob Cotton (303-651-6563) with any questions.


Houston Mission Trip Fundraising Update:

The Houston mission trip team would like to thank everyone who contributed to the St. Patrick’s Day dinner and silent auction. The net proceeds were $4,483.65! We are currently planning a Father’s Day Pancake Breakfast on June 17 as our final fundraiser before our trip in October. Please mark your calendar to attend. Thank you for your support. Contact Bob Cotton for more information or if you have questions (303-651-6563 or


Lutheran Family Services

Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains is a faith based, non-profit human service agency helping children and families during their most challenging times. We have been committed to serving all people, regardless of race, religion, gender or age since 1948. Bethlehem participates in fund raisers and requests for needed item donations periodically throughout the year. Contact the current Mission chairmen for more information.



Past Mission Trips


Pine Ridge Reservation Mission

m n pr2015 boys1This was a joint outreach for several years to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota with Light of Christ through the organization Re-Member. The focus is to improve the quality of reservation life through relationships, shared resources and volunteer services. BLC provided financial support; volunteer participants for a one week service mission; and additional small support projects during the year. Check out pictures of our trips in the Pine Ridge Mission slideshow.


Propane for Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

We have an ongoing relationship with Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, as we have done several mission trips there. The Re-Member organization that we worked with is asking for donations to help the needy at Pine Ridge buy propane for the winter.

Thank you for your generosity. On February 19, we had a Love Offering to buy propane for the Lakota Sioux on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. One of our members graciously offered $500 in matching funds. We met that goal and more—a little more than $1,100 will be sent to Pine Ridge. That will buy a lot of much needed propane!


Appalachia Mission Trip in 2016 and 2017

Our 2016 and 2017 mission trips were to David, Kentucky to work through the St. Vincent Mission. 

Life has been hard in this area whose only industry is coal mining and now most of the mines are closed. Unemployment is high and there is not one factory in Floyd County (a population of 38,000 people).


We work with St. Vincent Mission in Floyd County. They have been active in this area for many years and host volunteer groups of all ages and denominations. More information on their work can be found on the St. Vincent Mission website.



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