Lenten Devotionals


2017 Lenten Devotions

This season of Lent will focus on Martin Luther's "Small Catechism." On Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings, we will be looking at the different parts of the catechism.

Members are encouraged to read the relevant part of the catechism each week; copies are available in the narthex. A devotional guide for using the catechism is available as well (see below). The Adult Forum will also coincide with those lessons.


Our Sunday worship will be a new blended liturgy, introducing a few new pieces. On Wednesday night, we will worship simply with hymns, prayers, a Bible reading, and a homily.


Our Lenten All Congregational Book Read will be Gilead by Marilynne Robinson. We will follow up with the two other books in that series, Lila and Home, this summer.


Weekly Devotionals


Week 5: April 2–8 Sacrament of the Altar and Confession

Sacrament_of_Altar_Sunday_Devotion_040217.pdf114.51 KB

Sacrament_of_Altar_Monday_Devotion_040317.pdf84.48 KB

Sacrament_of_Altar_Tuesday_Devotion_040417.pdf84.57 KB

Sacrament_of_Altar_Wednesday_Devotion_040517.pdf84.49 KB

Sacrament_of_Altar_Thursday_Devotion_040617.pdf114.44 KB

Confession_Friday_Devotion_040717.pdf84.97 KB

Confession_Saturday_Devotion_040817.pdf87.64 KB


Week 4: March 26–April 1 Baptism

Baptism_Devotion_Sunday_032617.pdf88.8 KB

Baptism_Devotion_Monday_032717.pdf102.61 KB

Baptism_Devotion_Tuesday_032817.pdf117.48 KB

Baptism_Devotion_Wednesday_032917.pdf121.17 KB

Baptism_Devotion_Thursday_033017.pdf88.17 KB

Baptism_Devotion_Friday_033117.pdf86.1 KB

Baptism_Devotion_Saturday_040117.pdf87.08 KB


Week 3: March 19–25 The Lord's Prayer

    The_Lords_Prayer_Sunday_031917.pdf118.49 KB

 The_Lords_Prayer_Monday_032017.pdf84.31 KB

 The_Lords_Prayer_Tuesday_032117.pdf87.06 KB

The_Lords_Prayer_Wednesday_032217.pdf116.11 KB

 The_Lords_Prayer_Thursday_032317.pdf84.14 KB

 The_Lords_Prayer_Friday_032417.pdf117.82 KB

   The_Lords_Prayer_Saturday_032517.pdf88.06 KB


 Week 2: March 12–18 The Apostles Creed

  Apostles_Creed_Sunday_Devotion_031217.pdf119.93 KB

 Apostles_Creed_Monday_Devotion_031317.pdf84.23 KB

  Apostles_Creed_Tuesday_Devotion_031417.pdf85.81 KB

 Apostles_Creed_Wednesday_Devotion_031517.pdf118.97 KB

Apostles_Creed_Thursday_Devotion_031617.pdf123.67 KB

Apostles_Creed_Friday_Devotion_031717.pdf120.95 KB

Apostles_Creed_Saturday_Devotion_031817.pdf125.87 KB


Week 1: March 5–11 The Ten Commandment1.pdf83.4 KB



Tuesday_Devotion_030717.pdf80.58 KB

 Wednesday_Devotion_030817.pdf81.3 KB

  Thursday_Devotion_030917.pdf81.05 KB

 Friday_Devotion_031107.pdf110.55 KB

 Saturday_Devotion_031117.pdf80.66 KB


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