About Us

Our Mission, Vision, Beliefs and Values

Mission Statement
Through God’s abundant love we invite, welcome, and serve as a light in the world.

Vision Statement
We strive to be an all-welcoming, relationship-enriching, Christ-centered church, partnering with our community, sharing God’s love through worship and service, and inspiring everyone to seek, know, and follow Jesus.

We believe and teach that:

  • Jesus Christ embodies God’s love for creation, extending grace and life to all of us.
  • The Spirit of God empowers us to do good works in response to God’s grace in our lives.
  • The Holy Bible is the inspired Word of God and is the source of our faith and life together.
  • God inspires people throughout history and the Christian church especially in: the Lutheran Confessions, Baptism, Communion, creeds, and our faith partners.
  • All people are created in God’s image and all are welcome in this community.

We value:

  • Christ-Centered Relationships – We value time spent with believers and seekers in worship, fellowship, and service. The core of these relationships is Christ-like love showing mutual support and accountability.
  • Profound Inclusiveness – We value the deliberate and counter-cultural ways Jesus includes people. We follow Jesus and invite others to follow Him by living compassionate and loving lives.
  • Growing Generosity – We value God’s abundant creation and seek to grow in giving our time, talents and treasures in response to God’s generosity.
  • Selfless Service – We value meeting and serving our neighbors wherever they are. We trust God to lead us in mission and outreach throughout our community and world.
  • Transformative Faith – We value spiritual growth through worship, Bible study and continued learning. By God’s grace we boldly embrace our differences, walk daily with Christ, and grow together in our spiritual development.

Our Mission, Vision, Beliefs and Values are pending congregation approval. These statements have been formed by the Strategic Planning Team throughout 2020-2021. These are living statements, meaning they may change as we change.

Bethlehem is a “liturgical” church. That means our worship has a set pattern to it handed down to us over the centuries. But within that Lutheran tradition, we worship in many ways—blue grass, gospel, jazz, Taize, in addition to traditional Lutheran liturgies. At Bethlehem, we share the Lord’s Supper at every Sunday worship service.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

We feel blessed to be a part of the ELCA, a Lutheran denomination of 5,000,000 believers and 10,000 congregations. The ELCA connects us to the larger Lutheran community and its outreach: ELCA World Hunger, Lutheran World Relief, Lutheran Disaster Response, Lutheran Family Services, Lutheran Global Church, among many others.

As part of the ELCA, we believe that the Bible is God’s living and inspired word. We try and live out God’s unconditional grace in word and action. We recognize the dignity of all human beings regardless of their race, age, national origin, gender or sexual orientation. Our denomination calls and ordains men, women, and LGBTQIA+ people. The communion table is open and welcoming to all.

Bethlehem is truly blessed with a wonderful, energetic and compassionate staff. They are able to teach, assist, enable and encourage us to live out our calling, “Blessed to be a blessing.”
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Our History
Longmont was without a Lutheran Congregation in 1900. When people of Scandinavian heritage made their way here from Chicago in 1901, they found that Longmont had neither a Lutheran congregation nor church.
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One of the joys of ministry at Bethlehem is our partnership with Light of Christ Ecumenical Catholic Community, with whom we share space and ministry. Another joy is our association with Cornerstone Preschool, with whom we also share space and ministry.