Care Ministry

Our Care Ministry is an ongoing ministry with all our members. We have a Prayer Chain, a Prayer Shawl ministry, and Centus Counseling. Contact the church office or one of the contacts listed below for more information.

Bethlehem Prayer Chain

Members who have requested to be on the prayer chain are called upon to pray for fellow members in times of need. Often the prayer requests are for people we don’t know personally but for friends, neighbors or relatives of our members who have special needs.

The prayer chain is presently divided into two groups, who pass along the prayer requests within their small group—those who wish to be called on the phone and those who wish to receive the requests by email. For more information or to request prayers, contact the church office.

Centus Counseling

Centus is a top-tier provider of behavioral health services, education, and programs in metro Denver. We take pride in integrating every client’s questions and concerns about their physical, behavioral, and spiritual self. We are champions of hopeful and healthy living. Whatever the problem, Centus is here to help. Our professional, licensed counselors can help you work through the challenging issues you or your family might be facing. Centus specialists have been offering their expertise and personal attention for 30 years. Centus is accredited by The Samaritan Institute, a leading network of counseling centers. A psychiatrist or family doctor works with our clinicians when consultation is needed. If you are seeking a psychiatrist to assess for medications or to supervise medication use, Centus can provide referrals for you.

For more than 20 years, Bethlehem has provided financial support and space in our building for a Samaritan Institute program. 

Bethlehem Prayer Shawl Ministry

You can be a part of this comforting ministry that provides special, hand-made prayer shawls to members experiencing difficult times in life. Two hands; a wish to either learn or renew a skill; a desire to share this time and talent with others—are all that it takes. For more information, or if you know someone in need of a shawl, please contact the church office.