Bethlehem Lutheran Church has two indoor services (masks required), and you can also watch services live or previously recorded online via our YouTube channel. Please remember to follow BLC’s CoVID-19 pandemic guidelines to ensure we can continue gathering in-person.

Sunday Worship Schedule

*Please bring a mask for indoor worship and activities for the time being.

8:00 a.m. Indoor Worship (masks required) & Livestream on YouTube
9:00 a.m. Coffee Hour Fellowship Front Courtyard
10:15 a.m. Indoor Worship (masks required)

Lectionary Resources

The second Sunday in January marks the celebration of Epiphany. Throughout the month (and into February) we look for the epiphany, which is the manifestation or revelation, of God. We hear stories of the Word, the magi, the wedding at Cana, and more. We look for God’s presence in worship, in the world, and in ourselves.

January 2 – Christmas 2 – Service of Holy Communion
Within the gospel reading’s profound words lies the simple message that God is revealed in a human person. Though we may try to understand how the Word existed with God from the beginning of time, the wonder we celebrate at Christmas is that the Word continues to dwell among us. Christ comes among us in the gathered assembly, the scriptures, the waters of new birth, and the bread and the wine. Through these ordinary gifts we receive the fullness of God’s grace and truth.
Readings – Jeremiah 31:7-14, John 1:1-9

January 9 – Epiphany – Service of Holy Communion
The feast of Epiphany (“manifestation”) concludes the Christmas season with a celebration of God’s glory revealed in the person of Jesus Christ. In Isaiah and Ephesians, that glory is proclaimed for all nations and people. Like the light of the star that guided the magi to Jesus, the light of Christ reveals who we are: children of God who are claimed and washed in the waters of baptism. We are sent out to be beacons of the light of Christ, sharing the good news of God’s love to all people.
Readings – Isaiah 60:1-6, Matthew 2:1-12

January 16 – 2nd Sunday after Epiphany – Service of Holy Communion
The Sundays after Epiphany continue to celebrate the revelation of God’s glory to us as it was made known to the magi and to those on Jordan’s banks at Jesus’ baptism—today using wedding imagery. Our God rejoices over God’s people as those being married rejoice over one another. By the power of the Spirit there are gifts galore for everyone. In Christ Jesus the best wine is saved for last. Taste and see.
Readings – Isaiah 62:1-5, John 2:1-11

January 23 – 3rd Sunday after Epiphany -Service of Holy Communion
God’s glory is revealed in the reading of scripture. People stand at attention. People weep. People prostrate themselves in prayer. The unity of the church is another reflection of God’s glory. Most gloriously, the promises of God are fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ. Gather round. Listen up. Glimpse the glory of God.
Readings – Nehemiah 8: 1-10, Luke 4:14-21

January 30 – 4th Sunday after Epiphany – Service of Holy Communion
The glory of God is often revealed when and where it is least expected. God uses our lips to declare that glory, inexperienced and hesitant though they may be. God uses our love to demonstrate that glory and so urges us to exercise it. God uses Jesus of Nazareth, water and the word, bread and wine, to reveal God’s glory where and when God chooses. Take heed, lest the glory of God slip through our midst unnoticed.
Readings – Jeremiah 1:4-10, Luke 4:21-30