Cornerstone Preschool

Come join us in a safe, caring Christian atmosphere. It is an honor and a privilege to continue to provide an excellent program for Early Childhood Education for the community of Longmont.  We have a low child-teacher ratio and a full curriculum (see below). 

Contact Andrea Becker by calling (303) 776-3081 for tuition rates and more information. You can also find  Cornerstone Preschool (Longmont) on Facebook and at

~Andrea Becker, Director of Cornerstone Preschool


Please contact us for enrolment information. 

The classes are on 1) Monday, Wednesday and Friday or 2) Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Enrollment continues throughout the year, if there are openings. Please call Andrea at 303-776-3081 for more information and to make an appointment to visit the preschool.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday classes

These classes are for children four-years-old by September 30 and children already five years old. Classes are from 9:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m.

Tuesday and Thursday classes

These classes are for children that are three- and four-years-old. All classes are from 9:00 a.m. –1:00 p.m.


  • Character Development: Taking turns, sharing, helpfulness, obedience, kindness, responsibility, honesty, cleanliness
  • Creative Art Exploration: Names of colors, pasting, finger, brush and sponge painting, coloring, cutting, play dough and clay
  • Health: Cleanliness, nutrition, exercise, oral care
  • Language Art Expression: Show and tell, playacting, finger plays, pretend expressions
  • Large Muscle Skills: Climbing, running, jumping, riding, balancing, throwing, group exercises
  • Manipulative Skills: (Small muscle & hand-eye coordination) Blocks, stringing beads, pegboards, puzzles, textures, shapes
  • Music: Singing, rhythm instruments
  • Number Facts: Calendar, counting, shapes, one-on-one relationships, games
  • Pledge: American Pledge of Allegiance
  • Prayer: Mealtime and special needs
  • Reading Readiness: Matching, recognizing differences and sequences, letters and 
  • Science: Plants, seeds, weather, seasons, insects, pets, cooking
  • Stories: Bible, animal, children, and science books, sounds, left to right activities, recognizing and printing their names.


  • Social: To provide an environment that fosters a sense of security; to encourage helpfulness and courtesy: To help a child feel accepted by his teacher and peers; to promote sharing with others.
  • Emotional and Mental: To develop a positive attitude of self-worth, a feeling of competence and satisfaction in the mastery of new skills; to help the child’s sense of responsibility and self-control; to stimulate curiosity, creativity, and imagination. To involve a child in a basic educational program which includes science, math, letters, numbers, reading readiness, music, and art.
  • Spiritual: To help each child develop a love of God; to teach that Jesus is God’s Son and loves each of them; to teach the Bible as the Word of God; and to instill a love for others.
  • Physical: To develop large and small muscles; to promote good health habits