COVID-19 News and Plans

By entering Bethlehem Lutheran Church, you agree to:

  • Answer Jesus’ call to love others by wearing an appropriate face mask. Masks are available inside each of our entrances.
  • Distance during worship. For easy distancing, you may sit where there is a quilt.
  • Notify the church office if you become Covid-19 positive within 48 hours of attending a BLC event. Those attending will be notified of exposure, but your personal information will not be shared.
Meeting Notes & Guidelines

Pandemic Advisory Group Update

Our community COVID-19 data is still very bad—data for Colorado and specifically for Boulder, Larimer, and Weld counties are still not good. The effect of holiday travel for Thanksgiving is likely just now showing up in the data. Cases, hospitalizations and test positivity are all still high and put us in the high risk category.

It has now been proven that the major factors in the spread of Covid-19 are vaccination status, ventilation, wearing face masks, and being socially distanced. Bethlehem has continued to address each of these with the goal of being able to remain open for worship and small groups. Bethlehem strongly encourages all members who are eligible to get vaccinated and boostered; ionization units have been installed in the HVAC systems for the entire building; we continue to follow the face mask recommendations; and we have social distancing in place. In addition, our worship leaders, who are unmasked at times during the service, are all vaccinated and have special distance requirements.

Also, the PAG is learning about the Vaccine Verification Program to see how that might work with our services. Please give feedback to the PAG if you have some input on this program (

The PAG met December 12, 2021.
You can read the meeting notes here

Weekly Pandemic Statistics Update from PAG

As Covid-19 has become more prevalent in our area, the PAG has elected to share weekly updates including the statistics we are seeing.
We hope this helps you as you choose which worship and gathering options are best for you at this time.
If you have questions about what the following numbers mean for our community, please contact us at the tables and reference links that Laura Davis will be sending.)

Cases 8541,2121,338
Case Rate per 100k261.81339.59412.34
% Positivity6.77%8.41%11.15%
% of population ≥ 12 years of age fully vaccinated80.2%70.8%65.5%
New Hospital Admissions1238786

As of Wednesday Nov 24th, data from CDC covid data tracker,

Statewide colorado

Currently Hospitalized 1,320 Unvaccinated (84%)
256 Vaccinated patients (16%)
Acute care hospital beds in use94%
ICU hospital beds in use95%

As of Tuesday Nov 23rd, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Boulder county

ICU beds Available2
Med/Surg beds Available26

As of Wednesday Nov 24th, Boulder county Covid-19 Data

Current BLC Practices
  • The BLC Council has formed a Pandemic Advisory Group (PAG) to help determine what we may or may not need to make in-person, inside activities happen in safe and meaningful ways. (For example: HVAC filtration, room for distancing, specific community vaccination rates, etc.)
  • Worship: We have two indoor services (masks required). You can watch the services online as well. In short, in-person worship is distanced, wearing masks, and if assistance is needed, will be provided (bulletin, chairs, communion).  Registration is no longer required.
  • The BLC Office and Building are open. Please practice current PAG guidelines.
  • If you don’t feel well we ask you please refrain from in person church activities and stay out of the church building for 7 days (with a negative Covid-19 test) or 10 days (without a test and without symptoms).  
BLC Mask Guidance:
  1. If inside, wear a mask. You may not enter the BLC building without a mask. Be advised that Boulder County Health department inspectors are visiting churches and issuing citations if people are found inside in violation of the mask requirements. The third violation (by anyone) could result in BLC being closed.

2. You don’t need to wear your mask if/when…

…you or the person you are communicating with has a disability which makes seeing your mouth essential for communication. (Example: you are talking to someone who is hard of hearing or deaf.)
…you cannot medically tolerate a face covering. (If this is an issue, please talk to me, privately. We can take other precautions for your health and the health of those around you.)
…you are leading spoken worship and at least 25 feet away from others.
…you are in your office and alone.

3. Here is the state’s guidance:

Bethlehem Lutheran Church will continue to heed the health recommendations of relevant organizations—which include the ELCA, Rocky Mountain Synod (RMS), the CDC, Boulder County Health, and the State of Colorado.


State of Colorado COVID-19 information

Boulder County COVID-19 information

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