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What level are we currently at?

Boulder County is currently in the Green – Low transmission level


Any questions, suggestions or concerns should be directed to the Pandemic Advisory Group ( or the Bethlehem Council (

Covid19 Mitigation Level Chart
PAG Statement

August 18, 2022

The CDC has made changes in Covid-19 recommendations as of August 11. During the pandemic, we have moved from preventing transmission, to protecting the most vulnerable, and now to preventing serious illness/death. Throughout this time, the Pandemic Advisory Group and Council have established guidelines based on the principle of ‘loving your neighbor’ as well as scientific research, CDC, county, and ELCA recommendations.

We encourage and welcome anyone with additional concerns or questions to communicate with the PAG or council members. We remain committed to offering as many options as we can to accommodate members’ needs, including online streaming of services and hybrid meeting options as often as possible. We continue to ask everyone to be mindful of the distancing needs of others.

At this time, our language around masking is changing from “requiring” masks during periods of high and moderate transmission. Out of continued love for our neighbors, we recommend that individuals mask inside the building during moderate transmission, and we highly recommend individuals to wear masks inside the building during high transmission. In addition, we recommend those individuals at high risk wear masks according to their physician recommendations.

Additionally, we recommend that individuals consult with their physicians to be vaccinated and boosted if/when possible. We will continue to share transmission levels in the Weekly Email, have masks available for those who choose to wear them, and run the hvac filtration systems during scheduled events. Please see the following updated chart for more detailed recommendations based on current Boulder County Community Transmission Levels.

We are currently in Green (Low Level) which means masks are optional inside.


The CDC explanation of community levels

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