COVID-19 News

Change in Boulder County Community Level
As of 5/12/22, the current Mitigation level is now YELLOW for Boulder County. The PAG pandemic guidelines indicate that we will now have one service as mask required (8:00 a.m.) and one service as mask optional (10:15 a.m.). Masks are required in common areas of the building during any mask required services and activities. Read below for more information.

We highly recommend that individuals at high risk for severe disease from COVID19 continue with all of the mitigation efforts and participation methods recommended by their doctors. Bethlehem remains committed to offering a variety of hybrid participation opportunities as we move forward.

What level are we currently at?
BLC Signage for Mitigation Levels

We will update the signage around the building as our Mitigation Level changes. Please familiarize yourself with these signs so you know when you need to wear a mask and when masks are optional.

Covid19 Mitigation Level Chart
Council Meeting Decision

March 2, 2022

The PAG recommended that we use the CDC guidelines and mitigation chart structure as modified to address our church activities specifically. The previous CDC guidelines placed Boulder County in a High Risk (red) status, and the new guidelines placed Boulder County in the Low Risk (green) status. The PAG also recommended that we phase in our change from High to Low by having two Sundays at Moderate (yellow) and then moving to Low (green) if the county data still indicates that we fall in that risk status.

BLC Council accepted the PAG recommendation as submitted (see BLC-CDC COVID19 Risk Mitigation Chart); a clarification was made regarding Sunday School, in the Moderate (yellow) risk status, when treated as a small group, would require consent from each parent in order for masks to be optional.

BLC Council approved that we transition to Low (green) risk status using a two-week Moderate (yellow) status with two service options: 1) masks required, and 2) masks optional, in order to establish the feasibility and comfort level of the congregation. 

BLC Council approved that Cornerstone Preschool will follow the operational COVID19 risk status of Bethlehem Lutheran Church as a small group. 

BLC Council approved that if masks are optional in the Moderate (yellow) status, Cornerstone Preschool parents must provide a mask consent form indicating whether they support masks optional, and if any parent is not okay with masks optional, then masks will be required. Clarification: if all parents are okay with optional and a parent would like their child to wear a mask, staff will support that request. 

The complete minutes can be found in the records in the library.


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